NIKON - Optiphot 300 Microscope for 300mm Wafers and Masks

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The Optiphot 300 Microscope features a rigid frame and CF Infinity Corrected optical system and provides inspection and observation down to 0.25 micrometers.
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Key Features

Inspection of up to 300mm (12 Inch) Wafers
The new standard in IC wafer and LCD laser disc inspection the Optiphot-300 handles wafers from 8 inches to 12 inches with remarkable ease of use.

CF Infinity Corrected Optical System
Nikon's exclusive CF infinity corrected optical system has been designed to provide bright, high-resolution and high-contrast images with excellent depth of focus. They are virtually free from flare and ghost images even at high magnifications.

Ergonomic Design
Tilting eyepiece tubes extend beyond the stage for easier, more comfortable observation. An electric clutch in the stage handle allows coarse stage movement, and the handle is conveniently located up front allowing the user to move the stage to extreme positions without having to reach and bend uncomfortably. Focus knobs are also located up front and all frequent operations such as nosepiece rotation, epi-aperture diaphragm stop, epi-polarizer rotation, light intensity control and Epi/Dia illumination selection can be performed through the remote keypad.

Ultra-rigid Frame
The structure of the base, pillar, arm, focusing mechanism and stage has been designed with anti-vibration techniques. The Epi-Illuminator is built-into the arm to maintain stability, and a new focusing guide system has been designed for the large 14" x 10" stage.

Wafer Loader Compatability
The Optiphot-300 has been designed to work with the NWL860 series wafer loaders.


  • Magnification:
    15x - 3000x for observation
  • Mechanical Tube Length/Parfocal Distance:
  • Body:
    Motorized quintuple universal reverse facing nosepiece (detachable); focusing stroke: 29mm; Coarse: 5.3mm/rotation (torque adjustable); Fine: 0.1mm/rotation; Increment: 1 micrometer; Guide: 4-guides (two pairs of roller races)
  • Eyepiece Tube:
    Motorized aperture diaphragm (centerable, pinhole slider incorporated); fixed field diaphragm (with focus target); four 25mm filters (NCB11/ND4/ND16/GIF) can be mounted; Polarizer; Analyzer
  • Eyepieces:
    Binocular ER Tilting Tube "BTL", Field Number 20; Trinocular ER UW Tilting tube "UWTTL" (including light split 100/0, 20/80), Field Number 25.
  • Stages:
    14 x 10 Stage, 356mm x 254mm (14 x 10 inches) cross travel, electric clutch on handle for coarse/fine selection, 398mm x 288mm (15.7 x 11.3 inches) glass plate; 8 x 8 Stage, 216mm x 210mm (8.5 x 8.3 inches) cross travel, manual switch on handle for coarse/fine selection, 3-8 inch wafer holders, 3-7 inch mask holders.
  • Controller/Remote Keypad:
    Nosepiece rotation buttons, episcopic aperture diaphragm stop buttons, episcopic polarizer rotation buttons, Epi/Dia illumination selection switch, light intensity adjustment volume and power saving switch.
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    690mm W x 893mm D x 628mm H (27.2 in. W x 35.2 in. D x 24.7 in. H); 55kg (121.3 lbs.) (with UWTTL and 14 x 10 stage).
  • Power Supply:
    AC 100/120V + 10%, 50/60 H